Happy Navratri & Happy Dusshera

Navratri,Dushera and then Diwali are the most famous event of Indian Culture or mythology because these all events are interrelated to each like first held Navratri and in the tenth Day Dushera was celebrated with Burning of Darkness of every year and after twenty days the great festival Diwali was celebrated. The main point of this festival is only for praying of god for removal of Darkness from our world because many of year ago God Ram during this month they do the War against Darkness which is in the form of Devil Ravaan and their Sons and during Dushera the Ravaan was killed by God Ram and then after beam of brightness was spread over the world in the form of truth and happiness. So that’s reason in Indian mythology this festival have other position like than another festival. If you want to feel this Joyful emotion with Baba Status, try to stick with us and go down of the page for a lot of beautiful Happy Navratri Status, Happy Dusshera Status, Happy Dusshera Wishes, Happy Navratri Wishes, Happy Dusshera Quotes and Happy Navratri Quotes 

Celebrate this Navratri in best way with Baba Status

“Maa Durga ki aseem kripa se aap sabka jeevan sada hasta muskarat rahe.

Isliye prem se bolo Jai Mata Di”

Happy Navratri

“Dusshera ke pavn avsar par kamna hai meri ki Bhagwan Shri Ram aapke jeevan sukh, samridhi aur safaltha se bhar de.”

Celebrate the burning of evil from our life at this Dusshera when you saying Happy Dusshera my friend

“As She Returns To Her Earthly Abode

Giving Us Cause for Celebration,

At Home and Abroad

So Light The Brightest Diyas

Sing The Sweetest Sangeets

Adorn Yourselves In Finery

Prepare Those Sumptuous Feasts

Revel In The Merrymaking”

Have a Glorious Navratri

“A time for celebration,

A time for victory of good over evil,

A time when world sees an example of the power of good.

Let us continue the same “true”spirit.”

Happy Dussehra!!

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pray for be a beautiful India with Baba Status and saying Happy Navratri

“I feel lucky to be raised in a family that is so religiously devoted to Hinduism. Navratri has always been a spectacular occasion for me. Wishing everyone a Happy Navratri!”

“May your life take a new turn this Dussehra. Let only positive and happy thoughts surround you and all negative and brooding ones burn along with the effigy of Ravana.”

A time for celebration, A time for victory over bad thing with the help of God Ram. Blessing of Happy Dussehra

“This holy occasion always reminds me of all the blessings I have received in life. You are one special gift among them. I wish you a wonderful time with your family!”

“May Lord Rama keep lighting your path of success and may you achieve victory in every phase of life. Jay Shree Ram. “

Happy Dusshera!

on this special day , as u celebrate color and courage. Triumph og God Over evil wish you sucess and happiness in everything you do. Happy Navratri

“Us Mata ke charan mein bane hum hain,

Hum hain us Mata ke charano ki dhool,

To aao mil kar chadhaye

Maa ko shradha ke phool.”

Happy Navratri

“On the happy occasion of Dussehra, I pray that Lord Ram fills your life with lots of happiness, prosperity and success. Happy Dussehra to you and your family!”

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Be a polite person in this dusshera and burn the all bad thing from your life. Happy Dusshera

“Happiness in your life!

Hatred be far apart from your life.

Enjoy the festival with love on your heart.

Those Who Has Learned To Respect

And Not To Greed Will Be Fortunate.

I Know You Are Always Respectful

And So You Are Among The Fortunate!

Excellent Wishes for Navratri”

Happy Durga Puja and Navratri!!

“Let us start a great life by conquering our external evils.–Happy Dusshera”

Lakshmi ka haath ho, or saare bhagwan ka saath ho or saath me dhoom machaye is durga puja me kahe ke Happy Navratri

“May Mother Goddess shower Her blessings of health, happiness, peace and prosperity upon you and everyone in the universe.”

“Long live the tradition of Hindu culture,

as the generations have passed by,

Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger

let’s keep it up.”

Best Wishes for Dussehra.

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Get Motivation Happy Dusshera wishes and status at Baba Status

“God Durga is an embodiment of Shakti who has overcome the evils of the world. May this Navaratri every one uses here blessings and power to overcome their problems in life wish you all a Happy Navaratri!!!”

“Dushehara is festival of victory on bad elements in our lives. Happy Dasshera.”

Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to every. Good wishes for Happy navratri, With a plenty of peace and prosperity

“May this Navratri be as bright as ever.

May this Navratri bring joy, health and wealth to you.

May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones


“Happy Navratri”

“May this Dusshera,

light up for you.

The hopes of Happy times,

And dreams for a year full of smiles!

Wish you Happy Dusshera.”

Destroy the all bad thing from life in this festival of Dusshera at Baba Status

Nine NAVRATRI Prasads For You:





5 )Saralta





Happy Navratri

“It is a great day to start any good work,

As it is the day when good triumphed over evil,

May the lord clear all hurdles and sorrows from your life,

And give you happiness and hope today and forever,

Happy Dusshera!!”

Tera Pyar hi hai hum sabka. Happy Navratri

“As the candlelight flame

Ur life may always be happy,

As the mountain high

U move without shy,

As sunshine creates morning glory

Fragrance fills years as Flory,

All darkness is far away

As light is on its way…

Wishing you all a very Happy Navratri!!”

“May this Dusshera brighten your day and night,

May it add colour to your life,

May it remove all the sorrows and worries from your life,

And give you the strength and patience to face every difficulty,

May it fill your life with lots of joy and well-being,

Have a Great Dussehra!”

Celebrate this dusshera wih Baba status and get mercy of Durga maa

“May Mata bless you

On this auspicious day of Navratri,

And may on this festive season dhan,

Yash and samriddhi come your way”

Happy Navratri

“Burn all ego, hatred and anger within you along with the effigy of Ravana

May you be successful and happy ever!

Happy Dusshera!”

Get happiest collection of Navratri festivall at baba status

“Wishing you fantastic nine nights of devotion, spirituality, and happiness. May Maa shower her choicest blessings over you.”

Happy Navratri!

“Long experience the convention of Hindu society,

as the eras have cruised by,

Hindu society is getting more grounded and more grounded

let’s keep it up.”

Happy Dusshera